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Lake site wedding in Carinthia | Nadine and Bernhard

Not quite far from where Carmen originally comes from, there is this amazing and beautiful lake called Wörthersee. It really is a peaceful spot in the south of Austria and whenever we get an inquiry to shoot someone’s wedding down there, we are over the moon excited. Typically, we spend about 3-4 weekends per year in Carinthia for weddings and those events never failed to amaze everyone involved and us. Continue Reading


Kerstin and Manuel | Carinthian Summer Wedding

When we first met Kerstin and Manuel we totally connected after a few minutes. It was one of those meetings where you talk very little about the actually wedding but more about the people and their lives.

At this point we don’t want to forget to thank Pierre, whom we know from this amazing wedding from two years back, he was the one recommending us to this gorgeous couple. (Also very happy that we will be having a wedding in 2014 with this cool group of people again! So see you soon :-)

Kerstin and Manuel are dating each other for 13 (!!) years now and it’s a true pleasure to be part of their big day in wonderful locations at Wörthersee. The getting ready took place in Schlosshotel Velden. Which could not have been better for that day. Also for the quick portrait session we did there. The mixture of modern and old architecture is brilliant and big bright walls bounce beautiful light even at 12 noon. Continue Reading


It feels like being with close Friends | Rike and Holger

Last year we had the honor to cover Gerhild’s and Martin’s wedding in Carinthia. There we first met Rike and Holger as they are neighbors and very good friends of the former bride and groom. Later that year we spend a great time with Jasmin and Simon in Thailand, which are very good friends of these both couples. Even though they said it had nothing to do with that, Rike and Holger hired us just right after our Thailand vacation for being part of their wedding in Austria.

We still don’t know if Jasmin and Simon where only spying for them in our holidays. Hahah! Just kidding! Continue Reading


Don’t move | Vacation | Thailand

As mentioned in the previous post about the after wedding shoot in Thailand (in case you missed it here is the wonderful couple we photographed at the beach) we have had some “rest and relax” in the sun last month.

To sum this up with one word: AMAZING!

If you follow our blog you might have noticed, that if we are on our travels we always try to dive into the culture and are out in the field for great stories and portraits. That’s travelling. We totally distinguish between a vacation and travelling. Why? Because it simply is a total different approach for us. You might guess where we are heading with this. We have had a REAL vacation this time. One thing was on the 2-do-list: Don’t move too much ;-) Continue Reading

News Wedding

Best Friends Marriage | Yvonne and Ilja

It’s been a couple of year’s back that we had a wedding of a really close friends with even an additional part besides photographing. We were extremely exited to hear from the engagement of our friends Yvonne and Ilja last year and as you can imagine we have forced them to get a date for the wedding asap, if they want as to be there too. So they came up with the long weekend in the end of Mai, which was last weekend. Continue Reading