Fernwehosophy | Issue #1 | South Africa

A couple of month ago a new travel blog from Germany was brought to live from Elisaveta Schadrin-Esse. An amazing blog where globetrotters and traveling photographers share their trips around the world called Fernwehosophy.

The team around Lisa also started the FernwehO MAG to bring special locations and regions of the planet into one place. Perfect to get wanderlust and explore the word either in the magazine or get tips to explore countries by yourself.

We are more than honored to be part of this first issue and South Africa special with 45 pages! Starting from page 110 – WOW – Thank you Lisa for the amazing opportunity. It’s really a huge honor being surrounded by all this amazing fellow photographers and travel junkies!

Be sure you follow them in the various channels like Facebook etc. Of course all the details and the mag can be found on the beautiful blog right here or click on photo below.


Carmen and Ingo

PS: in case you missed our blog post about South Africa –> it’s right here

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    Andreas Zopf
    13. April 2017 at 11:51

    Wann seit ihr wieder in Südafrika? Mir hat Kapstadt sehr gut gefallen – möchte das nächste Mal wenn wir dort sind zum Thema Hochzeit etwas machen – habt ihr da Tipps oder Kontakte? :) Liebe Grüße aus dem schönen Salzkammergut in Österreich, Andi

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