Live Video Chat with Jani Baba and Dennis

Couple of month ago we were asked by Jani “Baba” Pushparajah-Hoof (aka Baba-Fotografie) if we would like to have a google hangout with him and his buddy Dennis Weissmantel. These funny guys are not only photographers but also blogger and podcaster and all around nice people.

With their monthly live chat called 50Nifty they approach photographers, digital artists and blogger all over Germany to hang out with them and talk about life, work and personal things. It’s been something like our Ask us Anything but in interview mode and live.

We have been honored to be part of their live show last Friday and in case you missed it, or went to bed earlier than we did ;) you can watch the show here below. Over 200 people where joining live and we really had a lot of fun answering questions and chatting with Baba and Dennis. We are indeed overwhelmed by the response and the interest into our work and us. THANK YOU ALL for staying up late and listening to things we had to tell.

Also head over to Baba Fotografie to check out the future (and past) guests from their show. To only listen to the show (e.g. while on the road), they provide a mp3 download as well. CLICK HERE.

Here is to thank Baba and Dennis for the amazing and super fun evening. All the best for the future hangouts and we keep on track with your amazing work.

Thank you

Carmen and Ingo

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