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One2One Workshop | Final Part | Vienna Weekend

Three times blogging a week is lotsa work. We have always wondered how people can blog on a daily basis and doing other work as well during the week. But since we had a busy weekend and quite a lot to share with you, here comes the third (and last) posting for this week.

Vienna is quite a bit do drive and since we have our power converter for the car, we now have plenty of battery time for the Macbook :-) That now helps us use that time more efficiently than in the past.

Friday last weekend we met a super talented and very sweet photographing Mom of three children, Diana Moschitz. She wanted to enter the Sunday workshop but could not make it so she booked us for a one2one session. Technically that’s a two2one thing but let’s not be to precise here :-)We do that quite a lot recently and during such a session we unveil everything. We have very flexible programs, from mentoring sessions, how to build up a business to shooting and editing and we take up to four people for one session. Either we have a program for our one2one clients which fits for their needs or we do an intensive Q&A. We also help people to find their style or find a unique branding.

For us it’s so great to see the results afterwards and how our one2one clients improve their skills. Last time, we were a bit afraid to be honest, because if you look at Diana’s work you might ask, what could we tell her? This is rather a workshop for us! Diana is into baby and family photos of her friends and her own family and she wanted to improve her work.

She has a little studio in her flat and she brought her own super sweet model Amadea. Isn’t that baby cute?

Even though Diana does great work with her photos already we could tell her a lot of tips and tricks we know and how she can improve her photography and step it up a notch.

We totally enjoyed being at your wonderful place and we hope to meet you soon again. Take care and thank you so much for having us.

See you soon

Carmen and Ingo

PS: If you want to know more about our one2one program, feel free to drop us an email or message us via the contact form

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