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Hello Wedding Folks,

we hope everybody is having a great weekend and enjoying wonderful people having a blast during a wonderful event. The weather is nice to get married too right?

Today we would like to announce our 2. Munich Wedding Meetup here on the blog. Not just through Facebook in order to give people who are (not yet) on Facebook have the chance to hear about it. If you missed the first MWM with almost 30 of the most talented wedding biz people from and around Munich, here is a little review.

What is this Meetup all about?

The idea behind this is simple and very obvious: “We are not competitors, we are colleagues! If you want to grow you need others to grow with you.” Both of us are very open minded and we see it as essential to have a good working network besides the online social media such as Facebook and Twitter. We love people and working with them but also we love meeting new people. So this meetup is for everybody who wants to meet new, extremely talented people in the wedding business. Also it might be for those of you, who finally want to know about the person behind the Facebook avatar. Last time, we maybe knew 20% of the people in person, but alomst 90% from Facebook. And its totally fun, see this entire people in real live and already knowing what they actually do.

For whom is it?

As said, it’s a Wedding Business People Meetup, that means, everybody runing (or planing to start) a business related to weddings is invited. Weddingplaners, Designers, Graphicdesigner and Blogger you name it. And sure wedding photogs are the main audience for this.

After our first MWM we got lots of questions and emails from non wedding photographers asking why we have not done it for all photographers or if we are doing a photographers only meeting. Here is our answer to this and how we deal with other photogs:

If we would have named it “Munich Photographer Meetup”, who do you think would have come to this? A Wedding Planer, Blogger, Desginer? Not really.

But since we wanted the wedding business we choose that name. So what to do if you are a Photographer who doesn’t do weddings? You go to Munich Wedding Meetup on Facebook, like it and join our Meetup next time. We do NOT want to exclude any Photographers at all but we had to name the child right in order to get what is the heart and idea of these meetups.


Where it is: It is in the super nice restaurant called NamNam. We have reserved the Longe for the most probably 40 people!

Addresss: NamNam Amalienstr. 25 80333 München

Costs: IT’s TOTALLY FOR FREE!!! (besides what you may drink or eat :-)

When is it: Thursday, 30. Juni starting at 18:30

Where to get the latest information? Well as a business person you need to be on twitter and sure on facebook, so if you aren’t there yet. This is THE chance for you to start it! So go and follow us on Twitter, and Facebook

Sign up here: 2. Munich Wedding Meetup and if you still refuse to be on facebook (which will change soon :-) than you may also sign up by leaving a comment here in this posting.


We are looking forward to the next MWM and meeting you. One more thing, we are going to have special guests this time! Do not miss this chance!

Talk to you soon

Carmen and Ingo

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    22. May 2011 at 13:03

    Awww! I wish I was closer. Or you were closer. Or we were closer. But anyway, I wish I could come as well, but coming from Duisburg that’s a little too far away for me :-( But I wish you all a great time!!!

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    22. May 2011 at 17:53

    Wie jetzt einfach kommen? Ich hab das noch nicht ganz auf dem Schirm

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    15. June 2011 at 18:48

    Toll, dass ihr so aktiv seid! Das letzte mal war bombig!

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