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Our annual photo shoot | In front of the lense | and more


We have had itchy feed the last couple of weeks in order to see what was coming out of our annual photo shoot we did in Tuscany. As many of you know we are getting photographed every year to see the flip side of the lens and have the feeling our clients have. We always wanted to get pictures from one of our dearest (photographer) friends: Nadia Meli! We love and admire her work and are totally thrilled that we all together could make this shoot happen during our stay in Italy. Continue Reading


Fabulous Margot and Brian | Part I | Engagement Shooting


This is part one of a two part series of the fabulous couple Margot and Brian. Two Kiwis (New Zealand citizens) who happened to live in Amsterdam since a couple of years.

The way they found us April last year is really funny and could be described like this in short:

Trip Around the World -> Oamaru -> Style Shoot -> Feauture Magnolia Rouge Blog -> Inquiry -> Skype -> Booking -> :-)

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Photographing Photographers | Engagement A&A


Getting an inquiry from other wedding photographers to photograph their wedding is full pressures right from the beginning. Even more if it is a wedding photographer couple!

Checking out there work and about pages who they are and what they do is just the first thing what comes in your mind. Of course we have heard from Angelika and Artur – – before but we have never met them in person. We saw them on Hochzeitswahn with this feaured shooting couple of month ago.

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There excists no ‘NO’ in Oamaru | Vintage Shoot


Hello Friends,

We have been discussing since yesterday whether to blog this shooting now or later due to the recent terrifying earthquake here in New Zealand. We have been checking with Megan and Jeremy if they are all good since both were supposed to be in Christchurch at this time. We are more than happy that Megan texted us that she is fine as well as Jeremy is back in Oamaru already.

We are very lucky not to be in that region right now. We sat on the centre place of Christchurch next to the cathedral a week ago on a beautiful sunny day. Unbelievable what just happened there yesterday. We are totally thankful that we again haven’t been on a wrong place at the wrong time and we wish that this is not going to change. Our thoughts are with the people in Christchurch. Although we can hardly do anything about the people there at the moment and our life will fortunately continue as well, and so does our work. That’s why we decided to share the story about our recent shooting in Oamaru with you out there and hope you like it as much as we do! Continue Reading