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Rajasthani After Wedding Shoot | Udaipur | India

We know we are a little behind with our blogging from India and we deeply apologize for that. Times have been crazy so far but it’s never to late for a wonderful couple shoot, right?
Even before we came to India we had such a shoot in our mind and we were trying very hard to make it work. In fact we tried everywhere we were to get a couple and do a typical traditional styled shoot. Friends, twitter, Facebook we bored them all :-)
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Stepping out of the Wedding Box | Fashion Shoot

As wedding photographer your major clientele are private persons. Some people feel more comfortable in front of your lens than others. And as the person in charge for great pictures for your clients, it’s a big part to make them comfortable. We have never had a client who works as a professional model. So our time with pros on the flip side of the camera was limited to one or two workshops where we had people making a living from being models. So this was in many ways different to our daily business as photographers. Continue Reading

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Something new about us | Self ‘n’ Portraits

Hi folks,

Are you enjoying that the summer finally arrived here in Europe? We extremely do and since we had some “time off” during the last month we used that chance to head out in order to do a little shooting with us both. We totally recommend for fellow photographers to at least once a year change sides and stop hiding behind the lens :-) We have done that with Mike Larson, Xenia Berg (she even got published with that shooting on the pretty blog) and we have quite a list of photographers we badly want to do a shooting with.

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Totally We – New Candi About Video

This is a little image film which shows how we are and what we love. Created together with the super talented folks Ben and Drew from the cana family.

Below are more personal film projects and our own wedding film.

Our new adventure from November 2014 onwards…


Our very own wedding film. A month in New Zealand.

Want to see more videos about us to get to know us even better? Here is more :-)

This was our old, self produced image film a couple of years back.

and even more …

This was during our first trip arround the world during 2010/2011 and this was a project we did from one of the most beautiful countries in the world. New Zealand! Check this out!


Was tun Fotografen in ihrer Freizeit? Fotografieren!

Dieses Wochenende haben wir uns schon vor langer Zeit frei gehalten. Der damalige Grund ist nun nicht eingetreten und wir haben somit ein Wochenende für uns. Da bis zu unserer Reise im Oktober “so viel” Freizeit sehr rar ist genießen wir jeden Moment. Bei diesem Wetter und vor allem bei so einer Abendstimmung wie es sie zur Zeit in München gibt, nicht zur Kamera zu greifen fällt uns aber schwer. Daher haben wir uns gestern Abend ausserhalb von München eine geeignete Location gesucht.
Ich (Ingo) bin gesegnet mit der schönsten Frau/Fotografien/Model die es gibt und wenn sich Carmen in ein so ein wunderschönes Sommerkleid “schmeißt” dann kommt sowas dabei raus. Das Licht war gestern zusätzlich einfach perfekt. Den Schweiß vom shooten konnten wir dann in einem sehr schönen Baggersee abwaschen und diesen traumhaften Sommerabend zufrieden beenden. Danke Carmen für den schönen Abend! Ich liebe Dich!


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