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Five reasons why we LOVE After Wedding Shoots and you should too

Through out the year we get a lot of inquires for so called After Wedding Shoots. Some people call it different like “Take two”, “Day After Shoot” or “Trash the Dress”. We personally do not like the term “Trash the Dress” as it does not relate to what we actually do during such a shoot and the Dress never really gets trashed anyway.

Please do not misunderstand the reasons for an AWS, it is NOT a substitution for the portrait shoot with bride and groom during the wedding day!

We have never ever not shot couple portraits for at least some minutes on the big day, and we believe every photographer should try make this work no matter what. There is no take two for feelings and emotions of this particular day. Even a rainy day can open great options for a shoot. But sure we know, there are super bad weather days and it’s just not working out.

So why would a couple, already married want to do a photo shoot in their wedding dresses? Here are our top five reasons!

1) Because they can

Simple but true. Either a shoot is a couple of weeks after the actual wedding or a few years later (maybe for an anniversary day) most of the people have the dresses still in their closet and there are not much occasions to wear a wedding dress twice. Normally a men’s suite could be worn easier but still, it is a special one. So, they have beautiful cloths already.

2) Rain on their wedding day

We have never ever NOT shot portraits of bride and groom together during a wedding day even if it rained a lot. But we of course had people who wanted our signature style of backlit photos during sunset. That is indeed hard to get if there is no sun or visible sunset (yes we have used flash too, but it is NOT even close to the real sun and flares). For an AWS we consider the weather forecast and plan accordingly. We try to be as flexible as possible to make this work for our clients.

3) Their favorite photographer was booked (or did not fit the budget)

Even though we are sometimes in the super lucky position that our clients choose their date with respect to our calendar (which is really the best compliment we can get!), there are people who want their favorite photographer shooting the wedding but there is no option to move the date. Or, their favorite photographer is way out of the budget for a full coverage. An AWS is a chance to still get what they want.

4) Get to favorite locations

The choice for the wedding ceremony and reception not always goes along with the most favorite places to shoot the couple portraits. Distances are to far to travel during the wedding day and the couple really wants pictures in this particular surrounding. This even includes a really big trip to a destination location over a couple of days.

5) Take more time

Our suggestions for a regular portrait shoot with bride and groom varies between 45 and 60 minutes. Depending if there is travel time involved. Of course that time can be anytime on the big day but the client often wants to shoot some sunset photos (at least 5-10 minutes) during dinner. For some people photos are super important but it just doesn’t fit their schedule to do everything they wanted. During a AWS, there is much more time then during the wedding day and no one has to worry about their wedding guests getting bored.

6) Bonus Reason: Get dirty ;-)

Our brides are very relaxed and comfortable to do normal things in their wedding dress, even before the ceremony. But still there are moments where you don’t want to risk a wet or a dirty dress. During after wedding shoots, the fear for some dark spots on a white dress are much less than during the wedding day. This reason goes together with number 4, some locations are hard to reach and you might get a little dirty too. (See LINK)


These are the five, actually six, reasons why “After Wedding Shoots” make sense. If you want to add something, we are very looking forward to hear you in the comments below.

Have a great start into the weekend with this recent After Wedding Shoot we did around our neighborhood.


Carmen and Ingo


PS: if you plan a AWS, don’t forget to hire a makeup artist and maybe some flowers too ;-)

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  • Reply
    Steph @ 5th Photography
    13. June 2014 at 16:11

    Well nobody can say those photos weren’t wonderful to look at! You are ABSOLUTELY right about the day after shoot…we love love love when our clients do this…I feel like even more artistic photos come from these shoots… <3

    (I'm also in love with the bride's shoes! How pretty!)

    Keep up the great eye-candy.


  • Reply
    17. June 2014 at 9:15

    Eure Aufnahmen sind so wunderschön! Ich liebe eure Art, die Bilder zu bearbeiten. Irgendwie habe ich das selbst noch nicht hinbekommen… Aber ich werde dran bleiben :)
    Herzlichst Juliane

  • Reply
    20. June 2014 at 12:43

    Oh, ganz wundervolle Aufnahmen. Hatte schon die “Behind the scenes”-Fotos gesehen und war schon ganz neugierig, wie wohl die fertigen Aufnahmen geworden sind. Wirklich toll! <3

  • Reply
    7. July 2014 at 9:11

    Fantastische Fotos – ein wunderschönes Paar, wirklich toll!. Die Bilder sind sehr schön!

    Ihr fangt die Stimmung zwischen dem Ehepaar so schön ein – da schaut man kaum auf den Hintergrund ;o)

    Liebe Grüße

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