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You know, now and then we jump out of our wedding box and share something totally different with you here on our blog. Today is such a day again and please take a moment to read about a boy whose talent and life is dedicated to moto cross sports.

Marcel Stauffer is Ingo’s nephew. He is eleven years old at the moment and he started riding moto cross bikes with the age of four (4!!!). Luckily we both were part of the birthday party in 2005 where he got his first bike and he first cruised around with a 50ccm KTM. What a moment!

These pictures  above were taken 2005, a month after his fourth birthday ©

A couple of month after the first ride, he debut his first race and 2006 he was the youngest Starter ever at the largest Austrian moto cross event called Erzberg Rodeo.


The photo above, shows him a couple of weeks after his fifth birthday (2006). He won the first competition (Wolfs Cub / Rietz – 50ccm Junior Class).

From this day his carrier kinda took off. With the support of his family, they are heading from race to race. Marcel won a lot of competitions all over Europe and participated the European Championship and his best place was 5th in San Marino July this year. First international event was the World Championship 2009 where he made it into the best 16. With respect of his age, this is fantastic as the leaders at these big events are always at least 3 years older than Marcel and ride with different bikes (tuned).

We both have seen Marcel now and then live and we can tell you, that this is nothing for weak people. If you ever have seen a 50ccm race with kids in the age of 4-8, you know what we are talking about. It’s just crazy and we almost could not look at it. Not even talking about the higher classes like 65ccm or 85ccm. We would love to attend more of the competitions but guess what, summer weekends are very rare here and that’s when these MX events are happening.

Earlier this year we told Marcel that we are going to produce a promo video for him during this summer and today we are more than happy to share this with you.

Today, Marcel Stauffer (11) KTM 85ccm

Before we shot the footage here near Munich we again met with our buddy Michael Zomer in Amsterdam. For those of you who remember our little short film from Cambodia, this is one of the Dutch guys we were working with. Michael, Kraakhelder Productions, is a young talented filmmaker. A freaking good one, in fact. We love his work and you should definitely take time to check out his Vimeo Channel. Brilliant stuff there!

We told him about our moto cross project with Marcel and he did not wait a second to offer his help for the shoot. So we flew him in with all his gear and knowledge. This guys is 22 years old but filled up with so much talent and creativity, it was a great pleasure to have him on board. We are super thankful for his help and also for taking over the whole editing and postproduction work. He could not have done it better.

Thank you so much Michael for your effort and the wonderful product.

To Marcel: No doubt that you will be reaching your goals with so much talent and thus the only thing we are wishing for is that you may always stay healthy as this is the only important thing in life. Take care! Always!


Enough words! Go and check out the new video featuring Marcel Stauffer.

All the best

Carmen and Ingo


PS: If you want to support Marcel with a sponsorship or advertising, we would much appreciate that!

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    23. October 2012 at 13:06

    Wow. Sehr coole Aufnahmen. Auch die Musik passt perfekt. Wobei ich die Färbung raus nehmen würde. Für meinen Geschmack zu stark.
    Great job! ;)

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    23. October 2012 at 16:46

    Wow – genau das Richtige für kleine und junggeliebene Jungs!! Tolle Kameraführung und actionreich geschnitten.

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