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Eva and David | Rain and Shine at Lake Zurich


Traveling to Switzerland for weddings is indeed a huge pleasure for us. It happens about three times a year and we always experience something new, unseen and magical when visiting this little alp state.

This time, Eva and David called for their dream intimate wedding and we had the great pleasure to be part of the day.

Everyone was concerned about the weather but we always tell people that it doesn’t matter as long as your love isn’t influenced by rain. You will shine no matter what.

Boy and yesssss, they did shine! Continue Reading


No one cares about rain | Anna and Sebastian

Everyone is complaining about the bad weather in the last weeks well actually since Christmas right? About eight degrees Celsius at the end of May is not what you want or wish for your wedding day. Neither you want a wedding day without a single dry minute.

For us photographers it’s a challenge. Not to handle a rainy day, no, the challenge is to convince people that rain is not the end of the world. Of course if your wedding ceremony is held outside in the garden in middle Europe you have to have a plan B right? Continue Reading


Casual Portrait Session | BFF | Villach


During our stays in Carmen’s home town we not only have her Mom hosting us but also some of our best friends. Ingrid and Stefan, aka Stinglight Photography, are dear friends since years. Stefan is Ingo’s longest – more then half of our lives already – and best friend.

When they got married back in 2008 we were of course part of the wedding and did also shoot a lot of photos during that day. Ingrid was that kind of bride who spent a lot of time in Internet forms and thus she of course shared our photos on those platforms. The huge response from that was one of many reasons that we started this all out. Continue Reading


WWW | Winter Wonderland Wedding | Chiemsee

Ever since we got the inquiry from Verena and Ian we had itchy feed and almost could not wait to photograph our first winter wedding.
Why was it our first one? Well, as many of you know we have not had winter for two years now, due to our trip around the world and so we could not do last year’s requests. Winter 2009 was our first year in the business and that obviously did not start with one of these rare weddings in January. Continue Reading


Beautiful DIY Wedding |Verena & Mathias | Chiemsee

We were stoked to hear from the engagement of Verena and Mathias at the beginning of this year. We know them for quite some time now and were following the effort they put into all the details and planning for the wedding. Since they are very much into photography, pictures of the wedding are quite important.

Reading the weather forecasts during the last weeks for the day of the wedding made it somehow unreal. Is it really getting 20°C colder from one day to the other? They must be mistaking. We had such a nice Indian summer and why couldn’t that warm nice autumn weather stay for just a little longer? Continue Reading