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Casual Portrait Session | Rachel and Mike Larson

We first came across this US wedding photographer called Mike Larson back in 2007 due to his insanely cool camera toss. Remember that? He is about our age, such a cool guy and a super talented wedding photographer. Back then we only knew him through his blog and online videos.

Our first personal meetup was in 2009 when we both got a seat in his Calumet and Sunbounce Europe Workshop tour and this changed our photography life a lot. A couple of month later, we hired him for a casual portrait session and also met Rachel for the first time. (Here is his blog post about this shoot) Continue Reading


Model Shoot in Cape Town

Actually we wanted to do more shoots like this but truth to be told, our minds and bodies needed the vacation in South Africa desperately. With all the traveling and seeing a bit of this amazing country (in case you would like to see some photos, it’s right HERE) there was not much more time than for one shoot. We love to step out of the wedding box now and then, as we did already once in India 2012 (see photos HERE) Continue Reading

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Madeleine and Mario | Casual Portrait Session | Swiss Light


We have been in Switzerland to shoot an incredible wedding in Rapperswill the other week. Still hoping to show you something from that wonderful day. Working on it.

When ever we are in Switzerland, the light and the sun is with us. People say it isn’t that way all the time and we are very lucky. If you remember last year, we had the same beautiful evening light during our shoots. Check this out here. Continue Reading

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Between forest and beach | Monterey | California


Marele and Luis are two expats from South Africa living in the Bay Area. During our trip through California last month we were lucky to do a couple of shoots with some very cool people.

We met them one day between Carmel (by the Sea) and Monterey to do a casual portrait session in this stunning scenery of this part of California. We talked about the fantastic light there already and even though we did not have much sun that day it was still different to what we have here in Europe. Continue Reading

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Surprise – Surprise | We are married!

Last year in October we got a very nice and interesting inquiry. Kathi and Björn planed to get married secretly and just by themselves. We should cover their day as well as doing a nice shooting along with Fusion. We also should take pictures and videos from the new house they were building at the time. The plan was, that during the housewarming party and virtual house tour, we mix some scenes and pictures from the wedding in that short house video, to surprise the guests. Well, that was the plan and we loved it. Continue Reading