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The Angkor Temples | Treasure of Cambodia

Dear Friends

We know it’s been a while that we blogged and we feel really bad about it. But we got several good excuses: First of all we were pretty busy during the last days in Cambodia. Second, after crossing the boarder to Laos the quantity of wifi was as good as we have expected it before we left back home. Now and than an Internet cafe with very very slow connections but expensive.

Right now we are in the Capital of Laos, in Vientiane. We stay in a relatively expensive hotel (25$/night which is 5 times more than usually) to enjoy a very very clean room and bathroom with warm water and quiet stable Wifi. But now, let’s catch up with the last days in beautiful Cambodia with some pictures and stories.

Siem reap is the place where people stay to explore the historical treasure of the Angkor temples. We spent three days for the temples, where two would have been enough because the “ladies temple” is very far away and if you are not discovering every stone out there it’s maybe not worth it. This is just our personal optinion, but what makes it worth is a stop on the way there at the official “Cambodia Landmine Museum” run by Aki Ra, who is recently named one of the CNN top 10 Heroes 2010. His story is unbelievable, tragical and heroical! Check out the website for more about him and the museum as well as the most important part: the help to disabled children! He indeed is a hero, not just 2010. Be sure you watch the show today.

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