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Recharging Batteries | Phu Quoc | Vietnam

We did it. We had our time off on the little island we where dreaming of since we plant our TATW. This was we have been working for seven days a week almost the whole past year. Just chilling, relaxing and enjoying ourselves.

We left Vinh Long by bus to via Rach Gia and one day later we crossed over to Phu Quoc by boat. Even Carmen was afraid of the water trip (due to the last one during the thunder storm) we had a pleasant ride with the very comfortable “Super Dong III”.

Phu Quoc is a little island in the Chinese Sea which has a lot of origin Villages as well as growing tourism. People say it’s like Koh Samui 25h years ago. You find a lot of very quite and peaceful places without any touristic touches. On the other hand, there are a lot of new Restaurants offering western food along the main beach close to capital Duong Dong.

What we did?

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