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This is where our inspiration comes from | Help Portrait 2014

Yesterday, 6th December 2014, we were lucky to do the international Help Portrait day again. If you are not familiar with this and want to know more, check out the official project website Help Portrait.

We get a lot of questions about where our inspiration comes from and our answer is the same since a couple of years. For us, inspiration is not coming from work or creativity of someone, it’s coming from inside. From the heart of a person or from generous things this person does. Continue Reading

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A month in New Zealand | Our Wedding Film

Yesterday we had a very nice little family and friends BBQ at one of the most beautiful spots in Carinthia. It is overwhelming how much love we received for our wedding in New Zealand over the last couple of month and eloping was simply the best idea we have ever head. But truth to be told, we missed our close people and thus we wanted to party with them as well. Continue Reading

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Feature Film | Ali and Zach Wedding | Tuscany | Italy

Those of you who follow us on a regular basis might still miss one of the big weddings from last year here on the blog. The reason is that it’s still in submission process and besides a handful of teasers, we aren’t allowed to publish more. We also launched a short teaser of the video we did for Ali and Zach during the five day event in Italy.

It has been our biggest wedding assignment till date and we cannot express how amazing these days were for us.

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Our brand new Image Film | By Cana Family

Wohoo! Yesterday we have got an e-mail from Ben & Drew aka The Cana Family, with a link to Vimeo. All of a sudden Carmen was shaking a little and we both were super nervous and excited. It does not happen often that we have to give up control for something about us and we were afraid of how we would look and how we come across. Carmen was worring about her hair and make up after hiking for hours through the forest as well ;-)

Can you see the cow dung on our feet? Haha, that was really funny!

Yesterday we got that kind of feeling that our brides and grooms must have when we send them the links for photos or fusion. Normally we can only imagine how they must feel when they talk about their excitement. Continue Reading

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Nadia Meli | Image Film | Italy

We are very happy to see our work being released over at Nadia Meli’s blog today. Those who follow us on a regular basis might know already that we do Video now and then. It has always been fun and a great addition to our still picture story telling.

During our workshops we preach how important it is to have an image film as photographers, to make clear what brilliant person stands behind the work and lens of this company. Even though our own image film is getting a bit long in the tooth we have a measurable ROI for this half day self produced fun video. And we are very excited to hopefully release a brand new one in the near future. Continue Reading

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May we introduce | Marcel Stauffer | Motocross Pro


You know, now and then we jump out of our wedding box and share something totally different with you here on our blog. Today is such a day again and please take a moment to read about a boy whose talent and life is dedicated to moto cross sports.

Marcel Stauffer is Ingo’s nephew. He is eleven years old at the moment and he started riding moto cross bikes with the age of four (4!!!). Luckily we both were part of the birthday party in 2005 where he got his first bike and he first cruised around with a 50ccm KTM. What a moment!

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Away from Home | 8mm Vintage Film | New Zealand

Hi folks,

today we want to give you a little view on our wonderful month in New Zealand. But no pictures this time, rather a short film. Eversince the 8mmvintage app for apples iphone came out we badly wanted to shot a film using this app (you need iOS4.1 or higher). It’s just what you want to do if you love this vintage things so much as we do and New Zealand is so diversified that it is no problem to get loads of footage. So we put this little piece together and hope you like it. Have fun!

Love from California

Carmen and Ingo
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Back2Back Weddings in Tyrol | Sunday | Maria and Klemens

Here we go, part two of our crazy weekend journey. We left Zillertal after breakfast quite early in the morning – direction Gnadenwald to the wonderful Aplhotel Speckbacherhof. We know the location from last years wedding of Marcela and Alex already so we knew it’s going to be great. Maria got in touch with us due to Marcela’s recommendation in the wedding forum “”. Btw, thank you Marcela for that :-)

Earlier this year we had the chance to get to meet Maria (and her sweet sister) in Vienna and we were totally excited to shoot this beautiful bride. She told us that she is getting ready in the same suite as Marcela did and that room has a bathtub right in the middle of the sleeping room. Last year we had a tough time schedule so we unfortunately missed this shot. So we told Maria that she need to get at least some minutes so we can have the shot you see above. Carmen and I (Ingo) we saw that picture already in our minds in Vienna and we are very happy that we could made it this time.

Maria and Klemens are one of the most laid-back wedding couple we met so far. They are very religious and they wanted a very intimate wedding, just with family and some friends. Thus they plant everything to happen quite late that day which was good for us and sure for our friends from Ewalis Emotions, because we had enough time to be creative and inspired for the shooting.

Maria and Klemens met each other on a pilgrimage and the priest who was actually with them that day has held the church marriage for them. Not just because of the amazing singer in the church it has been heartbreaking and emotional, also how they behave and treat each other. Maria is just a wonderful bride and she loves Klemens so badly that you could even see “emitting sparks” while day were kissing!

The food at Speckbacherhof was just mouth-watering and we had a wonderful reception with good music and happy dances.

One further thing to mention: Maria just loves to do handcrafts. So imagine that she was doing tons of little things by herself for this day. Get this one: she unwrapped the top wrapping of 1000!! “Milka Naps” just to wrap it again with here own cover which had the date and a picture of them both. When we first saw these naps we where like “see what the wedding industry produces nowadays? :-) Maria, you rock!

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