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Let us answer you some questions you might have before or after buying our presets. If you still cannot find an answer to your question, feel free to contact us anytime through this form here.


Q: I don’t have a paypal account, can I anyway buy your presets?

A: Yes you can! You can use Bank Transfert to send money, all the information will be sent to you after the purchase. But consider signing up with paypal ;) There are no charges within the EU for bank transfer, but from outside the buyer is in charge for the fees.

Q: I have not gotten an email after the purchase, what is wrong?

A: Two things can happen, either your paypal transaction is not yet through or the email went to your spamfolder. Please check your spam folder of the given email account. If you still have no email, log into the store, you can download the presets from your shop history.

Q: I got the presets and have zip file, now what do I do?

A: You go and watch our video where we quickly show you how to install the presets, or you google how to install Lightroom presets. You will find a proper way for your operating system. If you still can’t make it, email us.

Q: I had no issues to import the develop presets but if I import the print presets I get an error message saying “Die Vorgabe-Datei war der falsche Typ Vorgabe” or “The Presetfile was of wrong type of presets”

A: This is the most common issue: you are trying to import print presets in the develop module :-) go and change to the print module and try again

Q: My photos don’t look like your before/after examples what’s wrong?

A: Well, this is a tough question. Thing is, a preset is a great way to start with, it might work for 80% of the pictures for just the one click thing, but sometimes you have to tweak the settings now and then to get to a nice result. Even we need to change one or the other thing after applying the preset, but as said, it’s a perfect way to get started.

Q: Am I allowed to change settings after applying the preset?

A: Absolutely. You even should change and bring your own style to the photo too. If you like what you see even save it as a new preset.

Q: Hey, we are a group of 10 friends and we would like to download your presets and share them in the group, are we allowed doing that?

A: Oh boy, really? See it that way, we have put a ton of hours into this to make it as easy as possible for you, it would be great to see a little appreciation for our effort. Sure we cannot prove if you distribute the presets to your friends and family, and hell yea if you have a brother or sister why not sharing it. But as we make a living out of photography and we have been really working hard to put these presets together as well at even developing them over the years, do us a favor, don’t share it if it’s not one studio or company.

Q: Can I host these presets on my blog for others to download?

A: Is this a serious question? These presets are our copyright and our work, any miss use will be prosecuted, but you knew that anyway right?

Q: There is a discount field in the cart, can I have a discount?

A: There are no general discounts available. We will give discounts to e.g. workshop attendees or to special occations.

Q: I have imported the print presets and I can see them on the left side but if I click on one of these it doese not change anything. What’s wrong?

A: Well, check your Lightroom version first, if it is Version 2.something or 3.something it’s simply because the feature we use did not exist before LR4.0. We suggest considering an upgrade to the latest version. LR5 is anyway so much more powerful than ealier versions so that an upgrade is way worth it.

Q: Are they working with RAW and JPG same?

A: Acutally, we never ever shoot JPG besides with our iphones. And thus we only work with RAW. You can apply the presets of cours with your Jpgs too, but the look may vary.

Q: I have the latest Version and I cannot get anything to work!

A: Email us your problem with a screenshot attached.


We hope that helped,

Have great day and lotsa fun with your new presets!

C and I

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