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Back in Beautiful India | The Streets of Delhi

We know you guys are badly waiting for the Indian wedding to hit the blog and we promise it’s on the way. But meanwhile here our first impressions of this wonderful country.

After spending about 36 hours in Munich we left for Delhi on 27th Feb for a month in India. India, and Delhi especially, is one of the rare places we have been visiting more than once on one of our trips. It’s almost exactly three years that we were here last and a lot changed since than. But then again, nothing is different from 2009. We arrived 3am and headed to a nice hotel near the central train station. We just wanted to hit the pillow before doing anything else. Needed a lot of patience right outside the airport though. The (triple confirmed) driver was not here. Triple confirmed hotel wasn’t booked. But this is just how things work here and if you are in a rush,you better go back home.
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First Impressions | Ho Chi Minh City | Vietnam

It has began! We started our trip around the world (TATW) Thursday evening from Munich. The flights were quiet and even Carmen did “enjoy” them somehow :-)
The taxi drive from hcmc airport whereas was marked by traffic jam. How come that we stuck in TJ’s again after this season :-) but this time we got to see a lot more interesting things than on the A8. The traffic is crazy! We probably saw a million scooters and motor bikes. We never saw a traffic like that before even though India is louder here are much more people on the street.

The hotel is very nice, clean and the crew is super friendly. Our room does not have window but we are not spending much time in there anyway. We ended the tripday with some beer just next to the hotel.

Today after breakfast we went out for a photowalk. No special targets besides the market so we were walking blind in downtown enjoying the city and taking some pictures. We like this city a lot already, its modern, clean and people are very friendly. Lotsa things to see.
Here are some shots from our photowalk today and do not miss the special assignment we had ;-)
All the best from Vietnam
Carmen and Ingoman

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