2014 – One year turns everything upside down

Happy Tuesday everyone!

We hope you all have had a great weekend and enjoyed some snow or at least some Christmas markets to get the right mood for this time of the year.

Personally we aren’t there yet, which, for Austrians, has always something to do with the lack of snow. We both need snow to get the Christmas feelings before it’s Christmas. Read more

SHARING HOPE with ebola orphans

It’s this time of the year again, where everyone is heading to the mall and trying find gifts and presents for their beloved ones. The stores are filled up to the roof with goods and people. Most money is probably spend online anyway.

With all that rush, we would like to slow you down and point you to this project we are supporting.

Two years ago (2012) we spent over thousands of Euros in Christmas gifts and presents for our clients. Most of that money went to the postal service to ship the stuff out. Read more

This is where our inspiration comes from | Help Portrait 2014

Yesterday, 6th December 2014, we were lucky to do the international Help Portrait day again. If you are not familiar with this and want to know more, check out the official project website Help Portrait.

We get a lot of questions about where our inspiration comes from and our answer is the same since a couple of years. For us, inspiration is not coming from work or creativity of someone, it’s coming from inside. From the heart of a person or from generous things this person does. Read more


Last week we told you here about the Candi Fusion of this wonderful wedding in Cyprus. In case you missed it, head over to the post here after you looked at the photos below.

The 20th September was in our calendar for quite a long time, more than a year in advanced actually and we could not wait to enjoy this beautiful and (for us) new country. Read more

Julia and Giovanni | Destination Wedding Cyprus

Hello everyone!

We hope you are having a great start into your weekend. Our plans are to just enjoy and relax with our little baby girl and having the family coming over to visit on Sunday. But we would like to give you a wonderful destination wedding to watch if you feel like sun, love and a bit of beach :) Read more


Firstly, since this Cyber Special is not relevant for our English speaking followers, this will be in German only. Sorry for that, but if you are interested into Workshops in English, sign up for our Newsletter List (Workshop English) HERE we might have news for you soon.

Hallo ihr Lieben!

Ihr habt es sicher schon über viele Newsletter (besonders Amazon, die das bereits eine Woche lang machen) und diversen Postings erfahren: Black Friday und Cyber Monday stehen am kommenden Wochenende an. Und wie auch 2013 wollen wir das Discount-Wochenende, an dem sogar Apple teil nimmt, nutzen um zusätzlich zum inhaltlichen Mehrwert den wir anbieten, auch eine finanzielle Unterstützung dazuzugeben.

In Zahlen heißt das BIS ZU 190,- Euro SPAREN in der Zeit von heute Mitternacht (28.11.) bis Montag 1.12.2014, ebenfalls Mitternacht. Read more

Alison and Zach | American Dream Wedding | Italy

It’s been quiet here, we know. The reason is called Malia Sari and turned six weeks yesterday. More about that is coming soon too. Today is wedding time again.

Believe it or not, this wedding sits here since over a year and waits to get its fame on our blog. August 2013, a week long wedding celebration in Tuscany (Italy). Yes, a week and we were honored to be part of that and capture 5 days of it on photos and video forever. Read more

22 Minuten Einblick | Hochzeitsworkshop | Gratis

Hallo liebe Kolleginnen und Kollegen!

(German language only, sorry!)

Wir hoffen es geht euch gut! Vor ca. einer Woche haben wir einen 22 minütigen Videoausschnitt aus unserem Workshop „Learn How We Do It“ GRATIS in unserem Shop zur Verfügung gestellt um allen, die einfach mal sehen wollen wie der Workshop aufgebaut ist, ein besseres Bild zu geben als nur den 2,5 Minuten Trailer.

Es ist ein Querschnitt durch die mittlerweile über 9,5h an Videomaterial in dem wir alles teilen was wir über diesen „schönsten Job der Welt“ wissen und wie wir aus einem Hobby einen Vollzeitjob geschaffen haben und unsere Familie ernähren. Read more

Romantic DIY Wedding | Austria | Hanna and Pierre

We have told you that you are going to meet this bunch of cool people again. Remember Evi and Mario from earlier this year?

Yes, it’s the same gang again. Clients became friends over the years and we are uber  happy to share with you a fantastic late summer day in Burgenland (Austria). Read more

Italian Vineyard Wedding in Verona | Sylvia and Philipp

A couple of weeks ago we made a trip to Italy. At least once a year we try to visit this amazing country during summer. The last years it was luckily due to work and lovely clients.

After some time in Liguria and Siena we were heading to Verona for the weekend. We did some location scouting and our hearts started to pump faster every minute we got closer to sunset. “Please let the weather be same tomorrow” was the only thing we thought. The venue Villa Bertani Mosconi was just one of the most beautiful and oldest vineyards in that area. Very famous for the wine “Amarone della Valpolicella”. Read more

2nd Candi Workshop Gathering | Munich

(German only, sorry)

Hallo liebe Kolleginnen und Kollegen,

Es ist so weit, wir haben einen Termin für das ZWEITE CANDI WOKRSHOP GATHERING in München und freuen uns auf einen tollen Abend mit Allen aus der Candi Workshop Community. Das Feedback beim ersten Gathering mit ca 70 Teilnehmern war übewältigend. Die Überraschung für uns war wirklich genial und gelungen und wir DANKEN nochmal allen beteiligten für das Geschenk! Read more

We are part of Photokina 2014 | German Wedding Meetup

Every other year there is a huge photography exhibition happening in Cologne. They say Photokina is the largest of it’s kind in the world and we have been visiting the last three events in a row. We met amazing people from all over the world, made new friends in the industry and found partners and stunning products to work with. Read more

HUGE GIVEAWAY | 2 x Workshop | Mentoring Session | Discount

Sorry folks, this is German langauge only, since our workshop is available in German only.

Wir haben vor einiger Zeit festgestellt, dass wir zwar für andere Websites und Partner bereits unseren Video Worshop verlost haben, aber noch nie für unsere eigenen Leser des Blogs und Follower auf den diversen Social Media Kanälen. Also wird’s es höchste Zeit dafür. Read more

True Love | Maria and Michael

Early in 2013 the fellow wedding photographer Michael Palatini (former Hoberg) approached us for wedding photos. “Wedding photographers get married as well and are in need of nice photos too ;-)”, he said.

When it happens that talented people from our industry inquire for wedding photography it immediately causes to things: stress and excitement!

“Excitement” because it most of the time is a strong indicator for a beautiful wedding since they know what they want. And “stress” since, well yeah, they know what they want ;-)

So, better not fail this time! Read more

Big Thank You and Future Prospects 2015 | Personal

Yesterday we reached 15000 likes on Facebook. It’s a big number but it doesn’t really count. What matters is the quality of followers. The people behind this number who are really seeing our work and even commenting or liking one or the other photo/video. This is valid for all social media and sure our blog.

It is every single one of YOU, among another things, that keep us going and keep us doing what we love the most.

It is time for a big THANK YOU for all of you out there for your continuous support, love, inspiration and motivation. YOU who message, email, comment, like and even call us to let us know you are seeing our work and passion. We do not take these things for granted and it does not matter if its 10 “likes” or 300 for a photo. Every “like” and comment is unique and means a person appreciates your work. Read more

Lake site wedding in Carinthia | Nadine and Bernhard

Not quite far from where Carmen originally comes from, there is this amazing and beautiful lake called Wörthersee. It really is a peaceful spot in the south of Austria and whenever we get an inquiry to shoot someone’s wedding down there, we are over the moon excited. Typically, we spend about 3-4 weekends per year in Carinthia for weddings and those events never failed to amaze everyone involved and us. Read more

Evi and Mario | Traunsee | Austria

A couple of weeks ago we had the pleasure to share a wonderful day with a bunch of amazing people from Austria. Back in 2011 we first met these folks at Steffi and Stephan’s wonderful wedding near Vienna. Read more

Live Video Chat with Jani Baba and Dennis

Couple of month ago we were asked by Jani “Baba” Pushparajah-Hoof (aka Baba-Fotografie) if we would like to have a google hangout with him and his buddy Dennis Weissmantel. These funny guys are not only photographers but also blogger and podcaster and all around nice people. Read more

Styled Shoot for Hochzeitsguide | Florence | Italy

We just realized that we never published the wonderful styled shoot we did last year in Florence Italy for the E-magazine from Austria’s larges wedding blog called Hochzeitsguide. We have been on the cover of the second issue and badly wanted to be part of the third version too. Read more

50Nifty Live | Youtube Interview + Giveaway

We are super exited to announce our appearance at the 50Nifty photography video live stream on Friday this week. It’s a true honor for us to be chatting live with Jani (aka Baba)  and Dennis about life, photography and more.

The interview will mostly be in German but if you have questions we are very sure you can drop this in English as well and we will be answering in English of course. Read more