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Candi Fusion Wedding

Twelve month ago | Our First Wedding Anniversay

Hello everyone!

First of all we would like to apologize if you are coming to see the number #10 tip of the Candi Guide, since today is our first wedding anniversary this has to wait for Tuesday :)

So here we are now, a year later. Twelve month. WOW! It’s been a really great first year actually and there is not a single day where we aren’t walking down the memory lane. Continue Reading

Candi Fusion Wedding

Alison and Zach | American Dream Wedding | Italy

It’s been quiet here, we know. The reason is called Malia Sari and turned six weeks yesterday. More about that is coming soon too. Today is wedding time again.

Believe it or not, this wedding sits here since over a year and waits to get its fame on our blog. August 2013, a week long wedding celebration in Tuscany (Italy). Yes, a week and we were honored to be part of that and capture 5 days of it on photos and video forever. Continue Reading

Candi Fusion Video

Feature Film | Ali and Zach Wedding | Tuscany | Italy

Those of you who follow us on a regular basis might still miss one of the big weddings from last year here on the blog. The reason is that it’s still in submission process and besides a handful of teasers, we aren’t allowed to publish more. We also launched a short teaser of the video we did for Ali and Zach during the five day event in Italy.

It has been our biggest wedding assignment till date and we cannot express how amazing these days were for us.

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Candi Fusion Wedding

Teaser Video | Ali and Zach | Tuscany Italy

Good Midweek everyone!

We hope you all are doing well and enjoying the fall. Well it’s kinda cold already and back home (Austria) we got pictures send from snowy gardens. Normally for us, November is a bit more quite than during the summer, but for those who have noticed, we launched a huge project on Sunday and are very excited about it. If you have not seen it, here is the post about it. Continue Reading

Candi Fusion Video

Nadia Meli | Image Film | Italy

We are very happy to see our work being released over at Nadia Meli’s blog today. Those who follow us on a regular basis might know already that we do Video now and then. It has always been fun and a great addition to our still picture story telling.

During our workshops we preach how important it is to have an image film as photographers, to make clear what brilliant person stands behind the work and lens of this company. Even though our own image film is getting a bit long in the tooth we have a measurable ROI for this half day self produced fun video. And we are very excited to hopefully release a brand new one in the near future. Continue Reading

Candi Fusion News Wedding

Candi Fusion | Looking Back | Part Two

Last month we have posted three Candi Fusions from last year and we promised to show some more. In case you missed this post, it’s right HERE.

Since we don’t want to post all the 15 video projects we have done we would like to point you to our account for a deeper look.

But for one of the most viewed weddings on the blog we also produced a fusion which we would like to show today. Yes, we are talking about the fabulous wedding of Angelika and Artur, aka “Die Hochzeitsfotografen”, from August 2012 in Tuscany. Continue Reading

Candi Fusion News

Candi Fusion | Overview of 2012 Part one

As many of you know we as photographers have very early adopted the new video features of the digital still cameras back in 2009 when the 5d Mark II came out. Ever since we are doing little video projects. We have done image films, music videos, family fusion and of course we produce Candi Fusions for our wedding clients. Continue Reading

Candi Fusion Wedding

After Wedding Shoot in the Woods

Verena and Volker told us about their plans for an After Wedding Shoot already during the dinner we had together last year. “We would love to shoot at a water fall and kiss under it”. Little did they know, that even in high summer heat, flowing water in the Alps is freaking cold. So before you start blaming us that we might have forced them to walk into very cold water, it was totally their wish to do that. But you bet, we enjoyed that shoot a lot as well! Continue Reading

Candi Fusion News Wedding

Angelika and Artur | Dream Wedding in Tuscany

We are super excited about this wedding. Not only because it’s another fellow photographers wedding but also because it was a destination wedding in Italy. When Angelika and Artur first contacted us with the option that the wedding might be in Tuscany, we knew already that this will be outstanding. Both of them are very talented photographers them self with a well running business in Pforzheim. Earlier this year we had the honor to do an engagement session here in the Munich area. In case you missed this, here is the post about it.

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Candi Fusion Wedding

Love never Ends | Steffi and Stephan | Fusion

While Steffi and Stephan are enjoying their honeymoon at some secret wonderful place on earth we are very happy to show you a little video from their beautiful wedding. Remember this cutaways and smoking’s and sure the beautiful dresses? If not, here is the blog post with a bunch of photos.

Shooting that fusion was really fun. At the end of the day we, as photographers, are story tellers and this camera build in tool(s) help us to hold and transport a message for a certain event even better. And no, it is not impossible if you are just a one (wo)man show. But more on that, on one of our fusion workshops coming up in 2012 if you want.

We again want to thank our sweet couple Steffi and Stephan for having us at their beautiful wedding and good luck with the comment contest you are actually leading right now ;-)

Love from Munich

C and I

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Candi Fusion Candi Workshop News

Three Days Fusion Workshop | Munich

Last week we did our first Fusion workshop. Three days of packed information all about shooting videos with your DSLR and about taking photos on the fly. We had a blast with a small group of professional photographers coming from Bayreuth, Würzburg and Rosenheim as well as from Austria.

First day we taught everything you need to know for getting started and why a photographer should include Fusion to his portfolio and that it is not limited to a team of photographers but you can do it as a single shooter as well. Continue Reading

Candi Fusion Wedding

Johanna and Martin | Fusion with Personal Song

We are stoked to present to you the Fusion from Johanna and Martin. If you missed the blog post about this wonderful wedding, be sure to check out their photos right here.

A very special thing about this Fusion is, that Johanna and Martin have their own song, called Johanna and Martin :-)

During the reception there was this very special moment for them, where Johanna’s brother Michael presented their very own song composed by Singer/Songwriter Amber Rubarth. Be sure you listen also to the lyrics because that’s their touching story.

We totally had goosebumps during the song at the wedding and we are very honored for being part of such a great emotional day. All the best for Johanna and Martin and see you the latest next year in Tyrol ;-)

Love from Munich

Carmen and Ingo

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Candi Fusion

[CF] Caringo Family Fusion | Kathi und Michi

[CF] Caringo Family Fusion | Kathi und Michi from Caringo PhotografiX on Vimeo.

We had the chance to shoot a fusion with our friends Kathi and Michi. Their two little Kids are super sweet and we had so much fun shooting with them. This is a perfect example to show our clients, that fusion is not just for weddings or engagement sessions. Fusion is for everyone and every moment to keep special days or moments forever. Have fun watching it and we thank Kathi and Michi for the patience and the nice evening at there place.
Greetings from Munich
Carmen and Ingo

Candi Fusion Family

[CF] Caringo Fusion | Fynn’s Baptism

[CF] Caringo Fusion | Fynn’s Baptism from Caringo PhotografiX on Vimeo.

Here we go: The worlds first Baptism Caringo Fusion of the very sweet little Fynn. You may have seen Fynn before in some Photos and in another Fusion we did last year. In July we have been in Villach for a rarly happening Family and Friends weekend and one of the things to shoot was the Baptism of Ines’ and Mario’s little boy. He is just so cute that we could not resist to not just do some Photos, but also capture some real moments. Additionally Carmen was acting as godmother and we knew she will play on the parents heart strings quite a bit with her letter to Fynn.

It was a real great weekend and we again wish Fynn all the best in his life and may he stay as cute as he is now :-)

Love Aunt Carmen and Ingo

Candi Fusion Family

Family and Friends Weekend | Villach

Vergangenes Wochenende war für uns “quasifrei”. Nicht dass wir nicht fotografiert hätten – nein natürlich haben wir das! :-) Nur der Grund war ein privater. Samstag wurde nämlich klein Fynn getauft und ich (Carmen), als Tante und Taufzeugin, hatte diesmal eine Dualfunktion. Es war ein perfekter Tag mit der Familie um unseren Neuzuwachs gebührend zu feiern. Das Wetter war wunderschön, die Taufe für alle sehr rührend und das anschließende “Beisammensein” in einer idyllischen Buschenschenke ein passender Ausklang…

Alles in allem war die kleine Feier im engen Familienkreis sehr entspannt und gemütlich! Etwas angeheizt wurde die Stimmung gegen späten Nachmittag, als ARG gegen GER schon 0:1 zurück lag. Wir waren beim WM schaun wohl die einzigen Deutschlandanhänger im Garten, aber dafür mit der größeren “Klappe” :-)

Danke an Ines und Mario an dieser Stelle für diesen wunderschönen Tag – wir haben ihn sehr genossen!

Am Sonntag haben wir noch die supersüßen Zwillinge (Aline und Ella) sowie den kleinen Liam von Patrizia und Oli fotografiert. Den von Gewitter geprägten Sonntagabend konnten wir noch mit Freunden ausklingen lassen und mit der kleinen Tara und ihrer Schwester Lina noch die letzten Sonnenstrahlen eines entspannten Wochenendes nutzen.

Viele “private Wochenenden” gibts nicht mehr bis zum Oktober, aber darum wissen wir die “freie” Zeit umso mehr zu schätzen.

Hier einige Bilder unseres “Family and Friends” Wochenendes für euch zum schmökern.

Lg aus München

Carmen und Ingoman

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