C and I – Presets – Simplify your Lightroom Workflow

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom is a very powerful and timesaving tool not only for professional photographers but also for hobbyists and amateurs. We have been using Lightroom since the first public beta came out back in 2006. It helped us to develop a certain look and style of our photos over the years. Presets (in all modules) are a major part of an efficient and structured workflow and everyone should make use of presets, no matter if self-made or bought.

Over the last years we have created a ton of helpful presets in every module of Lightroom and here we publish the a complete set of our presets for Lightrooms develop and print module we have been using in the last years. If you follow us on Facebook or read this blog here you will see that we also use these print presets on a very regular basis. It is such a time saver.

We put a lot of work into creating and organizing this bunch of “little helpers” and we would love to hear and see that we could help you with your workflow and speeding it up a little bit. Our presets are so called “style presets”. Please be aware that they do not work same on every photo you have. The look of your results in Lightroom may vary from ours depending on your style of shooting. To get the best results you will need to play a little with the sliders. We have to do that too! Also we are shooting RAW Format. Even you can use them on JPGs too, the look may be totally different depending on the photo and preset.

Enough words, here we go, “C and I Presets” Volume 1.1 with 22 develop and 10 print presets (very bottom of this page).

The Candi Presets Volume 1.1 are FULLY Lightroom 3, 4 and 5 compatible!

See examples below and watch the video to see how you can use the various presets and add them to your Lightroom workflow. After the (successful) purchase you will get an email with a link for direct download. If you don’t get an email, please check your spam folder first. Also on the “thank you page” is a direct download of your set of Candi Presets (this is also the invoice of the purchase).

Please be aware that these print presets do not work with LR 2, please see the FAQ‘s for a working solution.

If you have questions, see if there is an answer in the FAQ before you email us. Thank you!

Here is how the presets look like on our photos

Further Examples

Here are more examples from the 22 develop presets. Klick on image for larger view.



Print Presets for your fast publish and presentation Workflow.

We have included 10 of our most used print presets as well in this set. Print presets are a way to create various combinations and even complex layouts for mood boards and interesting presentations. We talk about printing, but it is actually saved in a Jpg-File which than can be put up on the blog, Facebook or send via Email. Here are the 10 layouts.

3×3 Portrait

Double Landscape

Medium Format Quatro

Portrait Landscape

Landscape Portrait

Potrait Double



Triple II


Double Landscape II






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