Julie and Mathias | Lovebirds in Heidelberg


Imagine your own wedding for some reason gets canceled a week before the actual date.

All the work, the invited guests, the preparation and of course the money. Everything for nothing.

This happened to these two lovely people in 2016. Imagine the frustration about all this.

But there are good news too: It wasn’t because of their relationship or someone being sick or even worse. Without getting deeper into this it was some sort of organization issues.

However, Julie and Mathias let the anger go bye quickly and started focusing on the future. Also they decided to take another approach for to finally get married to their love of their life.

July 2017 they tied the knot near Heidelberg at the wonderful wedding venue Hoher Darsberg and we were lucky to be part of this amazing emotional event among other talented services suppliers we just know too good from the last years of working in this industry. (Check out the detailed list below)

It’s seriously been a fantastic day and we enjoyed every minute of this hot summer day. Julie and Mathias are very warm-hearted people and we could not value their respect for other people more. Thank you guys for having us be part of your amazing day, also for the fun time at the Winter After Wedding Shoot in our hood and generally for being sweet and lovely people!

Enough words for now, see the beauty and love in these images below.



Carmen and Ingo


The Team:

Location: Hoher Darsberg

Flowers: Julia H. Flowers

Sweet Table and Cakes: Süß und Salzig – Heike Krohz

Stationary: Exlusive Einladungskarten 

Videography: Lila Film


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