Isa and Franz | Wedding between Berlin and Hamburg

Short after the wonderful wedding of Eva and Daniel in Mallorca in 2015 we got an email from Isa and Franz about their wedding in 2017. Yes, that is about 1.5 years upfront for an event and it’s actually not too early to start planning.

Unfortunately we have not had the chance to meet this amazing people before their wedding as all of us where on the road a lot. But when we skyped earlier this year, we all could have easily listen and talk for hours. These guys have traveled and seen the world. For work and for pleasure and have seen things you wouldn’t even believe if you see images. Just think of doing an internship in a hospital in Mumbai or Ghana. Questions? ;-)

The day came and we traveled all the way up to Berlin and further. Schloss Ulrichshusen was the chosen location, so both families could have a smooth journey to the wedding venue.

Coming from a country with mountains, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern is totally the opposite landscape we are used to. But nevertheless, it is super beautiful and once we arrived we knew why Isa and Franz have chosen this place.

They welcomed us with open arms and hearts for the get-together on Friday night and we had the chance to meet them, as well as their wonderful family and friends.

Besides the ceremony, everything took place at Schloss Ulrichshusen on Saturday along with amazing summer weather.

You can see it clearly in these images below, that Isa and Franz are some really nice and life loving people. We had such a blast with them. Their love for each other and between their friends and family is incredible. Thank you guys for your trust into our work and us. Thank you for the extreme fun and we sure hope our path cross again on some place at this planet ;-)


Carmen and Ingo

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    4. October 2017 at 18:47

    Top, eine echt starke Reportage!

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    21. December 2017 at 15:54

    Richtig schöne Bilder!!!

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