The Joy of Living | A Cambodian Village Portrait

Hi everybody!

We are happy to present our short film we shot in cambodia a few weeks ago. Together with Michael and Juliën from Kraakhelder Productions aka the Dutch guys, we spent two days in the Cambodian country side as we blogged already here. Here is the result.

Cambodia is literally one huge rice paddy and the country side is just beautiful during this season. Even though the people have not been pleased with freedom in the past everyone welcomes you with open arms wherever you go. Children always smile at you, wave and say “Hello”. Trapang Chhuk Hamlet is a charming small village south Phnom Penh near the elephant mountains. Very basic and no tourism at all. We had the chance to spend two days at Srah’s place and shooting a little short film about this nice village and the daily life going on there.

Mr. Heng Chum is running a NGO and it seems that he is doing a great job with helping and educating children while they are not working on the rice fields.

UPDATE: We do get some stories about this man recently, way after we left the country and posted this film. It does not seem much like it doese in the film. We read and heard stories about Heng Chum which are not really funny if it comes to support his ETO with money. If you feel like supporting a NGO in Cambodia, we advice you to do your research first.

The film is a co-production of Caringo Photografix and Kraakhelder Production where editing credits go to KP.
Thanks again to the village people for the hospitality especially to Srah and his family as well as Mr. Heng Chum.

We want to thank Michael and Juliën for the amazing post production and for the super cool time together. You guys rock! Hope to see you in Australia and maybe shooting another short film there, what you think?

Greetings from Thailand, Love

Carmen and Ingo

PS: if you want to see the version with subtitles click here

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  • Reply
    3. December 2010 at 18:47

    WOW!!! bin schwer beeindruckt!!! super – grenzgenial – einfach toll habt ihr das gemacht!!!! gefällt mir wirklich sehr sehr gut! tolle blickwinkel und gute abwechslung von interviews und eindrücken! bei diesem kurzfilm bekommt man wirklich einen sehr guten eindruck von den leuten, wie sie leben und dass sie glücklich sind mit ihrem leben!

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    Peter Krauweel
    3. December 2010 at 22:39

    Hello Carmen and Ingo,

    Thanks for making this nice work with Michael and Julien. This evening we saw the result of 2 days and more of hard work. What a very good impression of the people over there. The children, always with a big smile and the intervieuw with the 2 men. All the impressions. Very, Very nice watchching this film.
    Hope you have a nice time over there. Maybe a film from Australie with the guys. I hope so.

    Peter, father of Julien.

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    walter luttenberger
    4. December 2010 at 20:59

    very impressive. 5 stars for the video. congrats, and enjoy the rest of your time.

  • Reply
    16. April 2012 at 12:33

    I want to say WOW! Nice work …

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