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Get your Tissues Ready | Alex and Chris Emotional Wedding

Thank you for stopping by our blog today. You are about to see a very emotional and personal wedding. Once or twice ever year we get specially challenged when fellow wedding photographers hire us for their own wedding.

Most of them are part of our Candi Community and they know more or less everything about our photography and business. To get booked for their big day is of course a huge compliment but a lot of pressure at the same time. Continue Reading


Julia and Alex | Alte Gärtnerei

This amazing wedding was one of the very rare occasions that we have slept in our own beds. The “Die Alte Gärtnerei” is a fantastic wedding venue a little bit outside of Munich (Taufkirchen).

We have been there numerous times already for weddings, for our workshops and for styled shoots. The owners are super nice, professional but still laid back too.

Julia and Alexander have chosen to get married nearby this venue and we were honored to be part of their extremely emotional day. Continue Reading


Santa Monica Pier | Maria and Boris | California

Sorry people, we have been super lazy! Well not in general but here on the blog.

We did a lot of different stuff this year already and you can follow some of it over at our Youtube Channel or you step right into the scene on Snapchat (HERE).

Over the last weeks we did our Roadtrip 2016 and had an amazing time meeting so many wonderful people. Also there will be TWO new Video Trainings coming this month. More about that later for sure but you can find the trailers right HERE and HERE. Be sure you sign up the newsletter to get FREE insights to this videos.

Continue Reading


Couple Boudoir | Stepping out of the Box

Hello everyone!

First of all big thank you for the lovely words about our last personal posting. Very much appreciated. In case you missed it it’s HERE.

During wintertime we always try to keep us creative, next to all the business stuff and projects going on. That’s why we do sometimes shoots just for our creative souls and us. Continue Reading

News Travel

Candi Team on Tour | Mallorca

Hi and thank you for stopping by at our blog.

Last year we have been traveling like crazy from April to November and of course we had our cameras on the road too.

Besides mobile phones we also carry the “big ones” every once in a while to capture us as a family and casing the beautiful light in other countries. Continue Reading

Candi Workshop

THE ROADTRIP – Wir kommen zu dir

(This post is German language only since the events will be in German)

Hallo zusammen und DANKE für deinen Besuch auf unserem Blog.

Wir freuen uns heute auch hier auf unserem Blog ein Projekt vorzustellen an dem wir schon 2013 gearbeitet haben. Damals haben wir unterschätzt wie viel Arbeit hinter der Organisation steckt und daher die Idee wieder auf Eis gelegt.

Selbiges ist bei diesen warmen Wintertemperaturen geschmolzen und wir freuen uns riesig, dass wir Ende März und Anfang April in 7 Städte in deiner Nähe kommen werden. (einmal vor Ostern, einmal nach Ostern – siehe Roadmap) Continue Reading


Jessica and Marc | True Emotions


Welcome back everyone!

Thank you for stopping by at our little blog today. You may have noticed that we are going “all in” in 2016 to catch up with blogging again. Actually, its not a bad thing to walk through wedding images after some time has passed.

A big advantage is, that we gained some distance between these images taken by us and thus we are able to better judge our own work and learn from every shoot. Asking ourselves if we have done a good job of capturing the real moments and transport them to the viewer. Continue Reading


Marloes and Steve | International Wedding in Amsterdam

It’s almost two years ago, that this lovely Dutch/Australian couple inquired for their chic countryside orangery wedding outside of Amsterdam. We were super stoked to be back in the Netherlands last summer after we first visited the country in 2012 for these two Kiwis and their special day.

We love Amsterdam. The city has such a fascinating architecture and a special flare. If you have ever visited the city, you know what we want to say. And if not, you gotta go there. Continue Reading


Two Grooms are better than One | Vienna Same-Sex Wedding

About four years ago Andreas contacted us showing interest into an one2one Mentoring session since he wanted to get deeper into photography.  He heard about us because his sister has hired us to photograph her wedding and he was her best man.

Shortly after that we had our very first wedding photography workshop in Munich where Andreas attended and become one of the first Candi Community Members. Continue Reading

Candi Workshop

Candi Wedding Workshop | FALL IN LOVE in Verona

Thank you for coming back for todays feature of our last weeks workshop in Verona, Italy.

It has been the second of two workshops in a row and we were super happy to gather so many talented and fun people in Italy to shoot and learn together. In case you missed the first Workshop in Verona, HERE is the post about it.

We are extremely honored and thankful about the interest into these workshops and cannot believe how far people travel to be part of it. BIG THANK YOU to all the attendees, models and the entire workshop team. Continue Reading

Candi Workshop

Candi Wedding Workshop | Botanica Theme in Verona

It’s exactly two years ago that we have held the last live workshop. Since we have been teaching the same concept a couple of times we offered the workshop for digital purchase over the last months. We didn’t realize that a lot of people were interested into the live shoot and being part of a physical, group workshop.

So we thought about doing a one-time revival this autumn to gather those who are interested into „Learn How We Do It 2.0“ an updated version for 2015. To our surprise, the workshop was sold out within 24h and we added a second date (a week later), which was gone very quickly as well. We were speechless (rare moments) and very honored! Continue Reading

Candi Workshop

Would you like to be a Workshop Couple? | Verona – Italy


UPDATE!! BIG THANKS to over 30 couples applying as models for our workshop. We are very honored and excited to meet 3 of them soon!

Be sure you follow us on facebook to be up2date if there is a new chance and new occation.



Hello everyone!

We hope your doing all well. We again are super happy to be announcing a great opportunity for fabulous people to be part of our Candi Wedding Workshop. It will be in Verona – Italy again and if you are interested? Read on! Continue Reading


Anna and Paul | Vienna City Wedding

Earlier this year we had the huge honor to come to Vienna to cover the wonderful wedding day of Anna and Paul.

Already during the first “get-to-know-each-other “ Skype Session we had a lot of fun with these two and couldn’t wait for their day to come. Continue Reading


Lisa and Flo | Love Conquers Rain

Hello everyone!

Yes, it’s us! We are back from a little break here on the blog. Well to be honest with you, life is a little crazy at the moment.

Being so much on the road, with tons of work and beautiful weddings to cover and still having a family life isn’t easy at all. We have traveled 5 countries this year already together with our little baby Malia and our wonderful PA Marina. She is more than just a BFF to Malia and they are having a fun time together. Wouldn’t be possible without her help! Continue Reading

Candi Workshop

Julia and Gil meets Carmen and Ingo | LIVE HANGOUT

This LIVE EVENT is going to be in German Language Only

Hallo zusammen!

vor einigen Wochen haben wir in einem Posting aufgerufen euch zu melden wenn ihr Lust habt mit uns einem Live Hangout zu veranstalten. Wir haben sehr viele “Bewerbungen” bekommen und werden im Laufe des Jahres einige Hangouts veranstalten. (sofern es unser Reiseplan zu lässt).

Das KICK OFF werden wir mit den Hochzeitsfotografen “Rookies” Julia und Gil nächste Woche durchführen. Julia und Gil sind Mitglieder der Candi Community seit der ersten Stunde und wir haben die beiden seither schon viele male getroffen und dürfen sie auch zu unseren Freunden zählen.

Mit viel Fleiß, großem Talent und einer klaren Vision haben es die beiden innerhalb von sehr kurzer Zeit geschafft sich im deutschsprachigen Raum einen Namen zu machen und gehen 2015 auf ihre erste Saison als Vollzeitfotografen zu.

Wir sind sehr große Fans ihrer Arbeiten und haben uns wahnsinnig über die “Bewerbung” der beiden zum Hangout gefreut. Es wird eine lustige und spannende Veranstaltung und wir freuen uns auf jeden Einzelnen der Live dabei sein kann. Continue Reading

Candi Guide

Candi Guide Compact | Unser Welcome Magazin

(This product is only available in German language, sorry English speaking folks)

Hallo zusammen,

wer uns regelmäßig hier besucht wird sich erinnern, Dienstag und Donnerstags gab es seit Anfang dieses Jahres den Candi Guide und unsere Tipps für „bessere Hochzeitsfotos“ und moderne Brautpaare.

Wir freuen uns wirklich sehr über die große und positive Resonanz und möchten jedem einzelnen DANKEN fürs mit dabei sein.

Und als kleines DANKESCHÖN verschenken wir 4 Candi Guide Compact Magazine mit vierfacher Chance. Was ist zu tun? Read on….

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Sabine and Noah | Basel | Switzerland

Hello everyone!

We hope you all are doing well! For a lot of our friends and fellow photographers wedding season has kicked off already.

Our own schedule gets wild by end of this month. We will be all over Europe this year for weddings: Austria, The Netherlands, Germany, Italy, Spain and Switzerland.

We had two weddings already but one is private only and the other one is up for a submission and coming out later this year. Continue Reading

Candi Guide

Nur die Liebe zählt | CANDI GUIDE #25

Hallo liebe Candi Guide Leser/innen!

Es ist so weit! Nach vier Monaten kommen wir heute zum vorläufig letzten, gleichzeitig wichtigsten und alles entscheidenden Tipp aus unserer Kolumne. Man könnte auch sagen es ist der „Heilige Gral“ für bessere Hochzeitsfotos.

Dieser Tipp lässt alle vorher beschriebenen und diskutierten Themen unwichtig und nichtig erscheinen. Er stellt die Auswahl des Fotografen als komplett unnötig dar, wird zeigen das es irrelevant ist wo das Getting Ready stattfindet oder wie viel Abstand beim Einzug zur Trauung gehalten wird und ob diese im Freien stattfindet oder nicht.

Continue Reading