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Candi Fusion Wedding

Twelve month ago | Our First Wedding Anniversay

Hello everyone!

First of all we would like to apologize if you are coming to see the number #10 tip of the Candi Guide, since today is our first wedding anniversary this has to wait for Tuesday :)

So here we are now, a year later. Twelve month. WOW! It’s been a really great first year actually and there is not a single day where we aren’t walking down the memory lane. Continue Reading

Candi Fusion Wedding

Alison and Zach | American Dream Wedding | Italy

It’s been quiet here, we know. The reason is called Malia Sari and turned six weeks yesterday. More about that is coming soon too. Today is wedding time again.

Believe it or not, this wedding sits here since over a year and waits to get its fame on our blog. August 2013, a week long wedding celebration in Tuscany (Italy). Yes, a week and we were honored to be part of that and capture 5 days of it on photos and video forever. Continue Reading


Italian Vineyard Wedding in Verona | Sylvia and Philipp

A couple of weeks ago we made a trip to Italy. At least once a year we try to visit this amazing country during summer. The last years it was luckily due to work and lovely clients.

After some time in Liguria and Siena we were heading to Verona for the weekend. We did some location scouting and our hearts started to pump faster every minute we got closer to sunset. “Please let the weather be same tomorrow” was the only thing we thought. The venue Villa Bertani Mosconi was just one of the most beautiful and oldest vineyards in that area. Very famous for the wine “Amarone della Valpolicella”. Continue Reading


True Love | Maria and Michael

Early in 2013 the fellow wedding photographer Michael Palatini (former Hoberg) approached us for wedding photos. “Wedding photographers get married as well and are in need of nice photos too ;-)”, he said.

When it happens that talented people from our industry inquire for wedding photography it immediately causes to things: stress and excitement!

“Excitement” because it most of the time is a strong indicator for a beautiful wedding since they know what they want. And “stress” since, well yeah, they know what they want ;-)

So, better not fail this time! Continue Reading

News Wedding

Big Thank You and Future Prospects 2015 | Personal

Yesterday we reached 15000 likes on Facebook. It’s a big number but it doesn’t really count. What matters is the quality of followers. The people behind this number who are really seeing our work and even commenting or liking one or the other photo/video. This is valid for all social media and sure our blog.

It is every single one of YOU, among another things, that keep us going and keep us doing what we love the most.

It is time for a big THANK YOU for all of you out there for your continuous support, love, inspiration and motivation. YOU who message, email, comment, like and even call us to let us know you are seeing our work and passion. We do not take these things for granted and it does not matter if its 10 “likes” or 300 for a photo. Every “like” and comment is unique and means a person appreciates your work. Continue Reading

News Wedding

Lake site wedding in Carinthia | Nadine and Bernhard

Not quite far from where Carmen originally comes from, there is this amazing and beautiful lake called Wörthersee. It really is a peaceful spot in the south of Austria and whenever we get an inquiry to shoot someone’s wedding down there, we are over the moon excited. Typically, we spend about 3-4 weekends per year in Carinthia for weddings and those events never failed to amaze everyone involved and us. Continue Reading

Travel Video Wedding

A month in New Zealand | Our Wedding Film

Yesterday we had a very nice little family and friends BBQ at one of the most beautiful spots in Carinthia. It is overwhelming how much love we received for our wedding in New Zealand over the last couple of month and eloping was simply the best idea we have ever head. But truth to be told, we missed our close people and thus we wanted to party with them as well. Continue Reading

News Wedding

Hochzeitswahn Sei Inspiriert 2014 | Candi Discount 15

It’s always been one of our most favorite things in this industry to work with the best service suppliers and partners possible!

With the biggest wedding blog in Germany we do have a special relationship. We were happy to be one of the first photographers working together with Patricia and we all grew together over the last years. We have met her several times and it is a huge pleasure to call her (and hubby Alex) our friends! Continue Reading


Beautiful Outdoor Wedding | Christin and Matthias | Detmold | NRW

We love to travel, if this is not your first time here on our blog, you probably know that already right?

So it doesn’t mean it needs to be another country as Germany is big enough to call it “traveling” if you hit 1300km over the weekend, right?

So the lovely couple Christine and Matthias got married in Detmold (NRW) and we were honored to share the beautiful day with them and their amazing family and friends. Continue Reading


German Barn Wedding | Anne and Björn

Exactly today, three years ago, Anne emailed us fort he first time ever with some very personal words about our work and us. She explained her photography career and how she recently found the new love of her life. It all sounded a bit like a fairy-tale and we where really happy to be part of this right from the beginning.

Being a travel junkie herself she wanted some tips for a trip around the world she was planning together with her boyfriend Björn. We emailed back and forth and totally got along without having met each other in person. That changed in 2012 when they came to Munich and we had time to grab lunch together. We connected right from the first second and also had the pleasure to meet over the years again. Continue Reading

Candi Fusion Wedding

Teaser Video | Ali and Zach | Tuscany Italy

Good Midweek everyone!

We hope you all are doing well and enjoying the fall. Well it’s kinda cold already and back home (Austria) we got pictures send from snowy gardens. Normally for us, November is a bit more quite than during the summer, but for those who have noticed, we launched a huge project on Sunday and are very excited about it. If you have not seen it, here is the post about it. Continue Reading


Vanessa and Jan | Grande Autumn Finale


Our relation with the lovely Doreen Winking (Wedding Planer) is almost like in “Dirty Dancing” where “Johnny” enters the room and says: “… I always do the last dance of the season“. Well, almost. But the truth is, that the last three years we always had the pleasure to do our last wedding together with her.

So a few weeks ago it was about time for the “Grande Finale” for 2013. And it was an autumn dream. We first met Vanessa and Jan (and the two sweet kids) at our house for a little meeting. They are such a lovely family and we could not wait for their wedding to come. Continue Reading


Intimate Mallorca Wedding | Michaela and Jan


We have said this before, that it is one of the greatest things in our job to combine our both passions of photography and travels and follow these people in love wherever they want to get married.

Michaela and Jan, we have blogged about their wonderful beach engagement shoot ten days ago, got married in beautiful Llucmajor (Mallorca / Spain) and we were honored to capture their wedding day and emotions forever. Continue Reading